"Doing nothing accomplishes nothing.

Movement and motion is the medicine for life, for living and for being.

Emotion is also a movement of energy, a vibration rather than thinking of the motion. It's best to express it in movement, to harness the potential energy it carries, to bring about change, and change that is always moving forward."

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My first dress was an umbrella.

One of my earliest memories is being in the pram, looking up at the leaves above me, astounded by their structure, movement and beauty. At 3 years old I was found cutting an umbrella into the shape of a dress. At 4 I requested my parents bake an antler in the oven for me.


Growing up in a socialist society in an industrial part of Czech Republic, imagination and inner creativity were my means of dealing with everyday reality…. I was immersed in my own world, gidilly traveling down the rabbit hole of creation on many occasions, exploring traditional techniques passed down through my family lineage while also exploring my “no-rules” methods.


No surprise, this led me to pursue a full education in the arts after a decade of studying Early Childhood Education, Art Therapy and Fashion. I continued to study drawing, painting, photography, and later in Australia blacksmithing and silversmithing. I also studied subjects like Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Symbolism and Alchemy while pursuing my Masters degree in Theater - Set & Costume Design at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts.


After graduating in 2002, I took a leap of faith and made the move to Australia, the land of never ending horizon, red soil and an ancient rhythm of nature. Merging European classic influences, my studies in art, culture and theater, together with the influences of the outdoor relaxed lifestyle of Australia formed the basis of my Sharka Bosakova label in 2011.


While building the label out of Brisbane and pursuing overseas markets in Europe, I took another leap of faith and traveled to Madagascar in 2017, just after Cyclone Enawo with the desire to use my knowledge, skills and experience to make a greater difference. I arrived with a sewing machine in my hand, the same brand that I had inherited from my grandmother.

One of the most profound moments for me happened in the small village of Maevadoany, sitting in a circle with local women under a tree embroidering garments, experiencing a shared sense of community and sisterhood. While we didn’t speak the same language, there was a mutual experience of understanding and unity through the ritual and rhythm of the work. We spent days under the same tree hand embroidering garments, learning and exchanging life experiences, laughter and wisdom.


Returning to Australia with a renewed sense of energy and purpose, this motivated me to start a new chapter with my label, and focus my attention on social enterprise.

The young girl with the umbrella remains with me, travelling through time and across continents and lands, free to move between realms of time and space, the past and the present, juxtaposing new technologies with tradition and heritage, merging opposing forces and creating harmonies.