3D / OVA Jewellery

Kinetic Jewellery

‘The range of shapes and colour combinations allows the small object to be a showpiece brooch, necklace or even spend the next night as a set of earrings.’

Inspired by the rustic textures of the Australian coastal landscape, the lightweight interactive pieces are designed and hand finished with cutting edge technology and classic European artistry.’

This versatility is due to the precise and adaptable design, allowing the wearer to tell her own story.

Utilising advanced manufacturing through fused deposition modelling, the innovative design allows the creation of uniquely customised jewellery pieces.

Each component contains internal magnets to allow tailored orientation or a combination assembly with additional pieces. This allows the wearer to create their own unique aesthetic statement.

  • Modular

  • Made on demand

  • Made locally

  • Made from plant-based filaments